When Vodka has flavour !

Vodka is nowadays taking a step back in terms of shelf presence , this is  particularly the case for lots of bars, which tend to give other spirits the limelight. Most of these replacement spirits are deemed as best for drinking neat, with vodka being the basic ingredient for the ubiquitous cocktail. But we argue that it shouldn’t always be so. Vodka can be drunk neat, can be sipped, can be enjoyed on the rocks in it’s purest form, unaltered by flavourings. We are going back to basics with this one!

We think there are plenty of producers out there that are focusing on the quality of the ingredient and therefore the end product which  you might enjoy  and be surprised by .


The first vodka we are going to talk about is  Toad Rye Vodka, from Oxford . Made from an ancient rye grain that was revived by the distillers themselves, this delivers a punch of earthy spice with a delightful creamy texture and some cool, minty like tones on the finish. Serve it on the rocks or slightly at room temperature from a tasting glass. It is sublime!

Coming from the dry, dusty heartland of Texas, USA we have Tito’s Handmade Vodka, made entirely from corn and distilled in a very traditional copper pot still, this is as creamy and textured as any a good bourbon. It may only be a vodka but the lovely nectarine, vanilla and slight tangy sourdough take centre stage here! Serve this neat or enjoy it as an accompaniment to cheesy, tangy nachos! More please!

Coming back to the UK  and travelling to the green pastures of Dorset , we encounter a unique type of vodka made from milk (more accurately from milk whey, after some lovely gooey cheddar was made) . Black Cow Pure Vodka is incredibly smooth, with an excellent creamy mouthfeel and fruity notes reminiscent of melon and mango this is an excellent sipper at the end of a long meal. Serve this alongside an assortment of cheeses !

Going back across the pond  to the rainy Atlantic coast of Maine, Cold River Vodka , made from locally grown potatoes is another excellent sipper. The potatoes are grown in a rich mineral soil which gives the vodka an amazing purity and texture. Lots of earthy, leafy spice with a piercing salty-mineral edge and a creamy mouthfeel. An excellent all-rounder with great complexity that can be served either neat or in combination with lots of salty snacks.

We couldn’t have concluded this little snippet without mentioning Fair’s, Quinoa Vodka. Although made in France, the quinoa is sourced from local Andean cooperatives on a fairtrade basis. It is a unique grain and it gives the spirit a light, airy texture with aromatic blossom and a gradually warming feel. It creates an excellent coating on the palate and might be a good pairing with hung game, mutton or some wild foraged mushroom.


With the hope that these might have dispelled the idea of Vodka as a basic spirit we invite you to come and chat with us about our ever growing range of similar spirits.