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Contains two bottles of each wine:

2016 Macabeo, Borsao


Aromatic with bright zesty fruit

2016 Catarratto, Da Vero


Lime and fresh green fruit.

2017 Cortese, Alasia


Green apple, limes and stone fruit.

2016 Garnacha, Borsao


Ripe plum and dark cherry.

2016 Grenache Noir, Pasquiers


Creamy blackcurrant fruit and red cherry.

2016 Jean Paul Rouge


Bramble and currants with a light spice.




Contains two bottles of each wine:

2016 Rioja Blanco, Pharos


Pineapple, lemon sorbet and fresh cut herb

2016 Viognier , Tabali


Rich and ripe stone fruit with fresh lime

2016 Feteasca Regala, Alamina


Lemony herb with a touch of ripe pear.

2015 Tempranillo, Mono


Juicy plum and dark cherry

2016 Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Gran Sasso


Deep cherry and soft mulberry, medium bodied.

2016 Ciconia Tinto


Perfect summer bbq red. Fresh and juicy.




May 04
Cargo Wines by the Glass

Wines By the Glass served in 125ml measures White wine: 2016 Feteasca Regala, Alamina 11%    4.00 Recas, Romania Soft pineapple, crisp citrus, lovely floral notes 2016 Cuvee des Conti, Tour des Gendres  13%   5.00 Bergerac, France Beautiful blend of Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle – ripe stone fruit, waxy lemons 2017 Arneis, Adelina  13.5%   … Read More

Apr 21
Spontaneous Fun

Lambic-style beers, in the form of a spontaneously fermented beverage, can loosely be traced back to approximately 50-100BC thanks to Roman historians marching with the army, near what is the modern Belgian/German border. The Breweries that survive today often have long, centuries-old history, and have experienced the changes in public tastes and political climates. Some… Read More


Nikka Whiskey Tasting
Jan 01
Nikka Whiskey Tasting

Tuesday 18th September – 7.30pm Woky Ko Kauto, 7/9 Queens Road, BS8 1QE £40   Founded in the middle of 20th Century by Japan’s whiskey mastermind, Takesuru, Nikka Whiskey is one of the best producers of the “water of life” in the land of the rising sun. With and extensive range of single malts and… Read More