What’s New

What’s New…?


It’s an exciting time here at Corks of Bristol as we have many new products arriving each week. Here are just a few of the latest additions to our shelves:

Ciu Ciu Oris Bianco 2020
This is a new label from the producer of our long-time bestselling red wine, Ciu Ciu Bacchus. As the spring hits, you may find yourself needing some refreshing white to enjoy in the sunshine and in this respect, Ciu Ciu Oris Bianco certainly has you covered. Delicate on the nose with floral notes and hints of ripe red apple, this wine is fresh and crisp on the palate – with crunchy apple again taking centre-stage alongside a dainty petillance and a lovely, mineral finish.

Chateau de Plaisance Ronceray 2019
Chenin Blanc creates fragrant wines with notes of greengage, lemon and honeysuckle, supported by good minerality. Because of this variety’s delicate characteristics, any potential use of oak barrels must be performed with a lot of care in order not to overshadow the subtle intricacies of the grape. A biodynamic producer from Anjou, Chateau de Plaisance, put their Chenin Blanc Ronceray into oak for 12 months and they simply nailed the challenge! The wine retained all of its intended minerality as well as notes of mirabelle and honeysuckle whilst skilfully taming the vanilla-buttery beast of oak to pass just a thin layer of creamy nuance to the structure. Overall, this is a complex and rich yet elegant wine.

Catalan Eagle La Bascula Tinto 2018
We introduced you to the Albarino from this new Spanish producer in the last newsletter so let us now introduce you to his red brother – Catalan Eagle, a blend of old vine Garnacha, Carinena and Syrah. Big and bold with juicy red fruit, supported with root spices and vanilla nuances from oak treatment and everything made under organic certification. A winner for your next Sunday Roast!

Brew by Numbers – 64 Imperial Stout, Cherry Trifle
What a May..! Despite being well into spring, I’m sure you’ll agree that some of the evenings are still pretty chilly. To help to face those cooler nights, why not try some of the new hefty stouts from Brew by Numbers. This time, these London-based Brewers have served us a decadently lush, creamy and sweet stout packed with sour cherries, vanilla and custard.

Empirical Spirits
In a vast world of spirits, one might think there is little room left for another category. Well, the guys from Empirical Spirits have just proved that this is not the case. Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, alumni of Noma – one of best restaurants on the planet – introduced the philosophy of deconstructing dishes and building something completely new and have applied this concept to spirit production. They carefully source what we’d consider unusual ingredients and combine brewing and distilling techniques from around the world (hybrid fermentation techniques and augmented low-temperature distillation to name just a couple). The result are extremely complex spirits with intriguing flavours – perfect for those who like to think outside the box!


Empirical Ayuuk
Empirical’s Ayuuk has a structure built from Danish wheat spirit and Pilsner malt which is then infused with aromatic smoked Pasilla Mixe chilli, sourced from Oaxaca in Mexico. It is finished in ex-sherry casks which gives an extra savoury layer to the spirit. In the glass, Ayuuk indulges with smoky and earthy nuances combined with foraged mushrooms and black pepper notes. The palate is focused on citrus, musk and peat with a pleasant zesty edge. Elegant, complex and very unusual!

As always, thank you for your support – we are looking forward to seeing you soon.