Alvaro Palacios, Finca Dofi



Tasting Notes

The Álvaro Palacios Finca Dofí is a single-vineyard red wine made predominately from the Garnacha grape, with a small amount of Cariñena and white grapes too. The original “Clos Dofí” now called “Finca Dofí” was one of the first great “clos” that catapulted the wine region of Priorat to fame. The vineyard is u-shaped with exposures to both the south and north. Adopting a biodynamic and organic approach, everything is done by hand and during harvest many passes through the vines are undertaken in order to get the most optimal fruit. Renown for its round, voluptuous and velvety style Finca Dofí is a sensual juicy red wine with flavours of red cherry and nectarine balanced by fine grained tannins.

Year 2012
ABV ABV 14.5%
Size 75cl

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