The (Natural) Effervescent Revolution

Sparkling wines are and have been always associated with celebration, with times of happiness and joyous moments. It dates back to the times were harvest was celebrated with the newly bottled wine shortly after completion, where this newly bottled wine was slightly effervescent, or petillant as the French say. This was in fact the first style of sparkling wine, the “Pet Nat” or Petillant Naturrel , not a regular occurrence but one that was embraced as this meant some wines tasted fresher. A natural wine (no or minimal intervention by the winemaker ) this forefather of sparkling wines was present throughout the world were wines were starting to be bottled, surprising winemakers with it’s untamed character and lively bubbles. It is currently seeing a resurgence in the wine market, as it is seen as not only eco-friendly but also contain less sulphites and are as natural as they can be. We are proud to list several different wines of this character and covering both Old and New World.

A favourite few are :

2018 Ca’ Di Rajo, Lemoss , Glera Frizzante 

Glera, also known as prosecco grape, is represented here in it’s Pet Nat form, light and delicate, with vibrant nectarine, lemon oils and a touch of leesy – savoury complexity. This “prosecco” is less sweet and an excellent food pairing for venetian cicchetti .


Fio ‘Piu Piu’ Mosel Pet Nat 

Riesling is the artist here, and it might surprise a few with it’s almost bold structure and yet retaining those amazing terroir captive traits. A bit of lemon, a touch of apple , a little spritzy note of peach all straddling that fresh mineral structure and an autumnal (decaying vine leaf ) feel.


Tour de Gendres Pet Nat 

From Bergerac, the unassuming little brother of Bordeaux comes a Sauvignon/Chenin natural sparkling wine of great depth, character and complexity. It feels much more aggressive on it’s funky side yet still inviting and full of bursting fruit with every bubble hitting your palate. Crunchy apple, spicy wild pear and some melon make way for dry herb, cedar and a little bit of orange.


There are others as well and we invite you to come and chat with us about any of them in our stores.