Bristol Cider Shop

Unit 4, Cargo 1



October 10th 7.30pm



The Elements of Islay is a range of Islay Whiskies bottled in individual batches

and typically blended from between 5 and 20 casks from a single distillery.

They draw their inspiration from traditional medical laboratory labels and packaging.

Indeed even the bottle is called ‘pharmacy’.

Each bottle shows the distillery’s ‘Element’ symbol alongside a batch number on the label.

Casks of different ages are “married” to create a unique taste profile for each batch – the producer believes

that stated ages and vintages are less important than creating a top quality malt that

truly expresses the character of the distillery that made it.

We are very happy to have them with us in October to take you through this very distinct range.

Places are limited and can be booked through Corks of Cotham, North Street or Cargo.

To secure your reservation, payment will be taken on booking.