From its conception in the later 1800’s, 4 generations of the Antica Distilleria Quaglia have developed artisan spirit production, modernising where needed whilst cherishing the older traditional art and methods of distilling.

With a range comprising Vermouth, Gin, Liqueurs, Absinthe, Grappa and Bitters, these are some of the best products we’ve tried.

Organic with the majority of ingredients sourced in Italy, here are a few highlights:


Chinotto is a species of bittersweet orange which grows on plants similar to myrtle.  Handpicked and then infused in alcohol for 2 months, the result is an intense and comforting aroma of citrus and spice.  the bittersweet orange on the palate is accompanied by vanilla, rhubarb, dandelion and orange blossom.

Over ice or topped up with Prosecco, amazing!!


Glorious infusion of fresh Piedmontese raspberries, this is by far the best product of this kind we have tasted.  You can feel the crunch of fresh raspberry on the palate which, together with heady perfume, lingers elegantly.

Superb end to a meal, or just in the afternoon!


Using caraway seeds and their essential oils, this a basically a Kummel like no other.  Poised and fresh with a superb sweet and spice balance.


Move over Aperol, this is now our Aperitivo of choice as it gives a purer, finer flavour.  Orange peel, gentian root and rhubarb are all part of the infusion, this makes the ultimate Spritz!


Originally produced back in the 1900’s, Quaglia have recently revived their bitter production to satisfy the growing market.  Gentian root, bitterwood and alpine daisy are the main botanicals in this Bitter of the highest quality.

Use as you would Campari – negronis, with soda or on it’s own over ice and a slice!