A Trebbiano, or two…

Italy is a treasure trove for native and sometimes obscure grape varieties, although Trebbiano is not really obscure, it is certainly Italian. Trebbiano is also known as Ugni Blanc or Colombard in neighbouring France, where it is mostly used for creating the base wine for Cognac and Armagnac, with little presence as a wine varietal in Gascony and Pays D’Oc.

In it’s ancestral home, Italy, Trebbiano is grown for the great yield it possesses, though some producers, using active pruning and methods that keep the vine output at a consistent level, have managed to bring out the best from this workhorse grape variety. We have always stocked a few examples of it, mostly from Italy, sometimes a regional French Colombard making its way to our shelves too.

Currently , our offering includes Trebbiano Rubicone, Vinvita, Italy , which is the example that has most freshness , starting off on the nose with clean, crisp lime and apple notes, continuing on the palate with a fresh citrus balanced by a touch of apple and stone fruits. The finish is zesty, inviting the drinker continuously for another sip of this well balanced wine.

Another producer, Trebbiano D’Abruzzo, Caldora, Italy  has chosen to go even further with the pruning in order to keep the yields lower, creating a slightly richer, juicier varietal, where persimmon fruit, pear and a touch of spicy lime intersperse on the nose. Palate is somewhat richer too, slightly creamy, showcasing the citrus fruit on a medium-long finish.A good pairing for white pasta and delicious with grilled oily fish.

The last example, one of my favourites, coming from sunny Sicily, Tendoni di Trebbiano, Centopassi, Italy  is a completely different style than the previous two. Using very old vines, perhaps the oldest in central Sicily, and putting it to rest in barrels, creating a superb, slightly oxidative wine. Full of dried fruits and nutty notes, aromatic cooking herbs and honeyed truffle, releasing its pleasurable flavours layer upon layer. Quite rich on the palate, it delivers a sherry like experience from a fresh, almost full fruity palate and finishing off with a bold nutty edge. Walnuts, almonds, pecan and even a touch of smoke all create an everlasting finish. Have this one with smoked trout or some good Asiago and kalamata olives!

Visit our stores for these wines and we hope you enjoyed reading about them.