5 Spirits to celebrate Spring

The coming of Spring is imminent, snowdrops are scattered around and the sunshine hours are increasing, our appetite for poking our heads above the winter slumber is increasing too! We are suggesting therefore, a small selection of spirit beverages that we think should match the coming euphoria at the return of Mother Nature’s green shoots.

Our first spirit is none other than Psychopomp’s Pinga Gin, hailing from a micro-distillery in the heart of Bristol, it is their limited spring edition offering. Fresh and aromatic in style, it has notes of chamomile, lemon balm and bee pollen, creating a citrus and blossom edge for a wonderful aromatic experience. This one is for scaring away the spirits and ghostly specters of winter!

The second spirit we recommend is Solerno, Blood Orange Liqueur from Sicily. Amazing and powerful, it has a superb aromatic flavour with the crisp and juicy blood orange taking center stage. At 40% it can be used as a premium triple-sec, making those margaritas that you love, and will chase the winter away. A celebration for the last winter harvest!

Moving on to the third spirit, we continue to be awed by a wonderful and delicate grappa , Bepi Tossolini’s Grappa di Moscato, a unique spirit made from the pomace of Moscato grapes used for wine. Beautifully crafted, with an elegant body and crisp floral aroma it is best drunk as a sipper or mixed into your morning coffee, what better excuse, eh!? A spirit that truly uses up all the winter pomace!

The fourth spirit comes from the dry and sunny plateau of Chihuahua, Mexico. Hacienda de Chihuahua, Sotol Plata is a distillate similar to Tequila , made from the Sotol plant that grows wild in the desert. It exudes a fresh and zingy green leaf feel, mellow on the palate, leaving one’s taste buds feeling refreshed. It can be a great substitute for Tequila in most mixing occasions or can be enjoyed neat for the full fruit & leaf experience. A real lease of green leaf in your life!

Last stop on the spring spirit trail we give way to the wild strawberry, a fruit so tiny and yet so aromatic and sweet! Miclo, Framboise Sauvage Eau de Vie is one of those spirits that can surprise at every sip. Being made solely from wild strawberry, a mountain reared, small and aromatic fruit that is handpicked in late July through to August, it is then fermented and distilled into a marvelous spirit, this gets the nod as the most aromatic of the non-sweet type spirits. One can almost taste the tiny strawberries just by slowly sipping this ambrosia! Best enjoyed slightly chilled, as a reward for trimming the bushes in the garden. A spirit in tune with the returning blossoms!


With the hope that some of these have inspired you to shed your winter coat, have a great spring on us!


All of the above can be purchased from our Cotham or NorthStreet branches, or available on pre-order at our Corks@Cargo branch.