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Case One

Contains 2 bottles of each wine

San Vigilio, Pinot Grigio 2014
Alasia, Cortese 2014
Lesc, Blanc 2014
Borsao, Garnacha 2014
Les Oliviers, Merlot Mourvedre 2014
Baccaria, Nerello Mascalese 2014



Case Two

Contains 2 bottles of each wine

Boreham Wood, Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Les Caves de la Loire, Anjou Chenin Blanc ‘Wally’ 2015
Cuvee Ancienne, Macon Charnay 2014
Roger Sabon, Le Sabounet NV
Monte Schiavo, Sassaiolo, Rosso Piceno 2012
Casa de Saima, Tinto 2013




Apr 01
Real Wine Month

During the month of April , 2016 we celebrate an exciting, innovative promotion of organic, biodynamic and natural wine. At the dawn of winemaking this is how wine emerged from the fermenting cycle, unaltered by the primordial custodians of the red bacchian juice. It shows mostly what grapes,yeast and mother nature intended to do, turning… Read More

Feb 19
The Wines of Franconia, new additions.

 Tracing its origins to the first Francs, the ancestors of modern day French, this little wine region, perfectly surrounded by the great forests of Germany, has been making good wine for several centuries. Although it has somewhat kept to it’s original, middle-ages shaped bottle called Bocksbeutels, it has done so out of need for protection… Read More


Whisky Tastings
Feb 06
Whisky Tastings

    BRISTOL WHISKY CLUB The Bristol Whisky Club is a quarterly event for lovers of all things grain based. Hosted by a collaboration between ourselves, Hyde and Co and a different invited guest Whisky producer at each meet. The aim for each meet is simple: great whiskies, great company and in a setting to match. Our… Read More