Wines By the Glass served in 125ml measures

White wine:

2016 Feteasca Regala, Alamina 11%.   4.75

Banat, Romania

Crisp citrus, touch of stone fruit and floral finish.

2016 Xarel-lo,Ca N’Estruc 12.5%  5.25

Catalunya, Spain

Textured with crunch of apple and soft ripe pear.

2016 Montunal 13%   5.75

Lugana, Italy

Creamy stone fruit and balanced zesty citrus.

Red wine:

2017 Stereo, Bodegas Barreda  14%   4.75


Chunky bramble and a touch of spice.

2016 Casamatta Rosso, Bibi Gareth 12.5%  5.25

Tuscany, Italy

Silky smooth with red and black cherries layered with blackcurrants.

2013 Tannat, Crios 14.5%  5.75

Mondoza, Argentina

Velvety in texture with vibrant blackberry and mulberry fruit.

Rose :

2017 Bardolino, Monte del Fra 12.5%  5.00

Veneto, Italy

Dry style with cherry skins and cranberry spice.

Sparkling Wine:

Le Dolci Colline Prosecco Spumante Brut (200ml bottle)   5.00

Venezia Giulia, Italy

Light and Creamy with delicate notes of lemon citrus, apple and peach

Sherry/Madeira served in 100ml

Manzanilla, Aurora – 6.50

Oloroso, Aurora – 6.50

Amontillado, Aurora – 6.50

Rainwater, Barbeito – 5.50

Also available:

Options to open any bottle + £6 corkage

A large range of beers + £1 corkage

A range of spirits

Nibbles: Crisps  – 90p – Pork Scratchings 2.09