Wednesday 29th March – 7.30pm

The Kensington Arms, 35-37 Stanley Road, BS6 6NP


Based in the Gredos Mountains, west of Madrid, Daniel Ramos is utilising Garnacha with some astonishing results.

He’s brought to life abandoned vineyards; combines ancient and modern winemaking techniques and makes wines with minimal intervention.

Thus giving his wines multiple threads of flavour and amazing depth.

It is an honour to have Daniel here to host the evening and the team at the Kensington Arms (recently included in the Top 50 Gastropub Awards) have created a tasting menu to compliment these extraordinary wines.

Spain is producing such exciting and distinctive wine at present, especially from this part of the country.

This is a great opportunity to try it at its best!

Reservation is by payment prior to the event at;

Cotham 0117 973 1620; North Street 0117 963 3331: Cargo 0117 302 0038

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Coming up towards Christmas time, we are now open the following 2 Sundays on all of our shops.

Opening hours are as follow :


SUNDAY 11th  12-5PM

SUNDAY 18th  12-5PM


The tradition of Christmas beers in England is fairly new, compared to the long history of beer making that is associated with the English ale.

It probably first glanced via it’s Scandinavian  origins, when some of us went travelling there around the Yule holidays . The typical brew for around this time would be malty, mild in terms of hoppy taste and with lots of spices. Brewers would use cinnamon, orange, cloves and other slightly aromatic spices, alongside a distinctive technique of either an amber malty beer or even a fully roasted (dark) one. The Belgians had a good say in this latter style, particularly around the time Europe was preparing for a second World War. Not too late after the war there was also the famous Samichlaus who would add an extra element to it’s Christmas beer making style, aging. Their beer would be brewed methodically on the first week of December and barrel aged for a full year before next Christmas’s release. A ritual that they still stick by today, even with their relocation into Austria.

On the contemporary front, brewers have been adding more and more fruit, plums, cranberries, anything that can be slightly related to Christmas. Even wine made it into it, particularly port, as this not only reminds everyone of Christmas but gives the beer, no matter how dark, a beautiful fruity fresh feel.

We currently stock a wide selection of Christmas beers, including locally produced, from all around the UK and some offshore offerings from sunny California to the classic Belgians. We even have some German! to rival the mentioned Samichlaus. All the different styles are covered, from the malty and crunchy style that the vikings passed into law to the dark, haunting, barrel aged versions from Europe and now UK.

Come in and have a chat with us about them, grab some and enjoy the festivities!


Since Roman times, Madrid and its mountainous surroundings have been cultivated with grapes. The climate is continental, quite hot summers, equally cold winters and it is this stressful succession of seasons that makes the area a good spot for wine grape-growing. The growers here adapted to these slightly harsher conditions by bringing in the sturdy Garnacha, the lesser known Albillo or the ubiquitous Tempranillo, Airen and even the Syrah. The key to success here is altitude and soil. Enough height so that the hot summers get that cool breeze, good heat retention in the soil so that the cold nights give some warmth back to the vines.

We recently got on our shelves a few of the wines from this up and coming area , and would love for you to try some. The white, Daniel Ramos, Albillo Real 2014 comes from the Serra de Gredos, high up in the mountains south of Madrid. It is hand harvested from 90 year old vines, macerated for 3 days and then naturally fermented in french oak barrels. Rich and slight funky, retains a lovely balance of acidity and fruit to suit food matching but also to be drunk on its own. Lots of roasted white fruits, lemon preserve and a dry herb lingering through. Again from Daniel Ramos, Kappi Amphorae, Garnacha 2015 is harvested from 60 year old vines and then is traditionally fermented in very large clay amphorae, as probably the Romans did millennia ago.It goes through a very slow fermentation, which is key here in bringing out the flavors. The vibrant red & black forest fruits are complemented by a mixture of slight funky herbs, endemic spices and its complexity is only outmatched by the long, swirling finish. Daniel Gomez Jimenez-Landi,Las Uvas de la Ira,2014 is another stunning example from the Serra de Gredos, this one being harvested from parcels of old vine Garnacha at altitudes above 800m, a true mountain-climber. The Garnacha here is almost unrecognisable from the general characteristics of the grape. We get a beautiful, elegant wine, full of roasty red fruits, aromatic yet still subdued, complex yet direct and complemented by a just right acidity. There is still a slight rusticity, perhaps it comes with the terroir of the region, but its elegance is providing you with an almost sinful experience (of finishing the bottle in one go ). Last but not least, we have Bodega Maranones, Treintamil Maravedies, 2014 . This stunning example of Garnacha (90%) and a few other local varieties is coming through with a bold red & bramble fruit, rustic elements of spice and an aromatic herb reminiscent of the kitchens in Roman times. With a backbone of vibrant acidity and a somewhat elegant finish, it will match a great variety of meat platters or even something like a rich paella.

We recommend these wines wholeheartedly , bringing with them the flavors and even textures of perhaps millennia ago.

Come in and chat with us about them at any point in our shops .



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Tuesday 1st November 2016




52 Upper Belgrave Road




We are delighted to invite you to an evening showing a range of the finest gins and vermouths from Italy.

 The Jerry Thomas Project is arguably the best cocktail bar in Rome. Having teamed up with the Quaglia distillery they have created gins and vermouths to impress novices and connoisseurs alike.

Leonardo Leuci from the Jerry Thomas Project will be showcasing a selection of the gins and vermouths both on their own and in the form of cocktails to show their full potential.


As places are limited, reservation is by payment prior to the event.

This can be done through Corks of Cotham, Corks of North Street


The last few days have seen a sudden temperature drop – not wholly unexpected – which has brought with it that slight feeling of need for warmth. Being more specific, it’s that time of the year when you transition from the citrusy white wines  and bone dry rose of the summer to warmer reds. And there is no better transition red than the ubiquitous Pinot Noir.

It takes many forms, from very light and fruity to more serious and possibly quite chunky styles. We stock the full spectrum and invite you to try some.

We start off with a bright, juicy fresh style, Le Fou, Pinot Noir from the Pays D’Oc in France. It vibrates with fresh red cherries and a strawberry perfume, aromatic but with a propensity to deliver lots of fruit and dry soft spice.

Continuing on those lines of lighter, softer styles comes one of my all-time favourites, Marsannay, En Ouzeloy by Rene Bouvier. It is a gorgeous Pinot Noir coming from the northern part of the Cotes de Nuits in the village of Marsannay. Bright garnet in colour with a supple and silky texture that delivers all that is expected from Burgundy. Redcurrant fruit, soft cherry and aromatic berries wrapped around a cocoon of forest undergrowth that just adds to the complexity. There is a little  spice too, almost dainty, but enough to get that warming process going for you, the discerning drinker.

In our third offering, the grape is taking the form of a chameleon, stemming from the slightly cooler region of the Loire Valley, Sancerre Rouge, Domaine Jean-Paul Balland. It is on the mineral laden slopes of Sancerre that this beautiful Pinot Noir takes it’s clean, crisp almost savoury elements from. This wine shows a little more body with some savoury mushroom and earthy spices yet still maintains freshness. The cherries have dried a bit, the raspberry has become wild and there is a soft mulberry perfume embedded too. You’ll definitely want to pour another glass!

As the days turn slowly into foggy, overcast times of Autumn harvest and sometimes solitude, so our next offering changes its delivery of fruit and spice to you. Russian River Valley, Pinot Noir, Nalle  is a superb example of how there is (good) life for Pinot Noir outside of its comfort zone in Burgundy. The Russian River Valley is a region of America synonymous with Pinot Noir and this particular winery does a tremendous job with the grape. Bags of red and dark forest berries, supple tannins and a plethora of spices swirling around – yet never straying away from – the marvellous fruit at its core.

Jetting half way around the globe, we make a stop in the Southern Hemisphere to one of its most southern vineyard areas: The Central Otago, New Zealand. So much and so quickly has this region changed that 20 years ago it was barely a novelty. Wild Earth, Pinot Noir is our offering from this new world marvel and it is a big one too. It delivers in terms of body and weight, displaying some desired richness of fruit alongside spices, mushrooms, forest dry leafs and all the other elements of complexity one would expect. It comes packed with dark cherry, dark raspberry and some beautifully integrated wood spice.

We could not finish our small trip into the Pinot Noir world without visiting one of the world’s great vineyards, Volnay by Comte Armand is our last stop and it is one that amazes at every sip. Cotes de Beaune where Volnay is located has a great reputation for Burgundy’s other stellar grape, Chardonnay, but this Volnay would easily change your mind when it comes to what a richer style of Pinot Noir could be. Picked just at the right moment to deliver all the right terroir, it has a great depth, supple tannins and acidity, a minerality that prickles the fruit almost like a drop of rain on a dusty summer day. Oh and the fruits! Wild dark cherries, with their sweet bitter aftertaste, chewy raspberries with a cranberry middle, all revolving around those beautiful tannins and minerality. Spices abound in the form of wood, herb and mushroom and the finish is long, complex and mesmerizing. This is a wine which may move you to grab some logs and start stoking up your fireplace.

All of the above wines are available in our shops, where we would love to introduce them to you and chat some more.

Happy Drinking!



Our very own Faith is getting married this Saturday (13/08/16) ! So we are closing a little bit early on that day!


Saturday 13 Aug 2016 Opening Hours :

Cotham :  10AM-7PM

North St : 11AM -7PM


We apologize for any inconvenience !

The growing trend is to bottle and release “En Rama” is an exciting addition to our sherry range.

“En Rama” is to bottle the sherry (usually Fino or Manzanilla) virtually at the sane condition as found in cask. It has a very light filter to remove any suspended particles that may spoil the wine during transportation but no clarification or stabilization , all with the aim to provide a sherry in its most natural state as possible.

This year we are featuring the “En Rama’s ” from Bodegas Lustau one of the regions most prodigious producers and the only one to produce Fino and Manzanilla from the three cities that form the  sherry triangle.  This is the second edition of their ‘3 En Rama’ series and we have them all as follows:

MANZANILLA EN RAMA is matured on the coast in Sanlucar de Barrameda and bottled from a selection of just 2 casks out of 135.  It is more intense in colour than most manzanillas. Intensely aromatic, flowery with notes of roasted nuts and creamy pastries and that classic saline edge.

FINO EN RAMA from Jerez is a stronger wine due to the nature of Jerez by being further inland. Again only 2 casks selected, this time from 708 barrels in the Bodegas Los Arcos. It is very pungent with nuts and flowery yeast cream.

FINO EN RAMA from Puerto de Santa Maria, is a more delicate yet beautiful structured wine. Also from 2 selected casks from 347. Rich and floral with roasted nuts and a saline edge.Sherry


From its conception in the later 1800’s, 4 generations of the Antica Distilleria Quaglia have developed artisan spirit production, modernising where needed whilst cherishing the older traditional art and methods of distilling.

With a range comprising Vermouth, Gin, Liqueurs, Absinthe, Grappa and Bitters, these are some of the best products we’ve tried.

Organic with the majority of ingredients sourced in Italy, here are a few highlights:


Chinotto is a species of bittersweet orange which grows on plants similar to myrtle.  Handpicked and then infused in alcohol for 2 months, the result is an intense and comforting aroma of citrus and spice.  the bittersweet orange on the palate is accompanied by vanilla, rhubarb, dandelion and orange blossom.

Over ice or topped up with Prosecco, amazing!!


Glorious infusion of fresh Piedmontese raspberries, this is by far the best product of this kind we have tasted.  You can feel the crunch of fresh raspberry on the palate which, together with heady perfume, lingers elegantly.

Superb end to a meal, or just in the afternoon!


Using caraway seeds and their essential oils, this a basically a Kummel like no other.  Poised and fresh with a superb sweet and spice balance.


Move over Aperol, this is now our Aperitivo of choice as it gives a purer, finer flavour.  Orange peel, gentian root and rhubarb are all part of the infusion, this makes the ultimate Spritz!


Originally produced back in the 1900’s, Quaglia have recently revived their bitter production to satisfy the growing market.  Gentian root, bitterwood and alpine daisy are the main botanicals in this Bitter of the highest quality.

Use as you would Campari – negronis, with soda or on it’s own over ice and a slice!